LG launches not-so-cheap mid-range L Series Optimus phones

LG has launched two new models of smartphones – one, an overpriced 4.3-inch dual core device and the other a (sort of) decently priced 3.2 inch smartphone.

Before you wonder what is so special about these, let’s break the suspense – almost nothing. But if you’re a great LG fan and you wanted a small 3.2 inch phone for about Rs 8,500, the newly launched LG Optimus L3 II Dual is your model.

Similarly, if you think 5 inches is too big, and 4 is too small, you have the new LG Optimus L7 II Dual to satisfy your craving. Of course, it is priced at an indecent Rs 18,500. However, it is still cheaper than the quad-core, Rs 32,500 Optimus G.

The specifications for the L7 II Dual are as follows-

1 GHz dual- core processor, Dual SIM, 4 GB internal memory, Android Jelly Bean, 2,460 mAh battery, a 4.3 inch IPS display with 400 x 800 pixel resolution, and an 8MP camera.

Other features include a “Quick Switch Hot Key” that, according to LG, makes switching between both the SIMs effortless, and Smart Forwarding function that helps you to manage calls between both the SIMs.

“The L7 II smartphone comes with some very useful apps that are typical of LG phones, like the QuickTranslator, which can recognize a foreign language and translate it into a language of your choice, the QSlide, which promotes multi-tasking by allowing you run two functions simultaneously and Live LG Mobile TV which allow you to watch 50+ live channels on the go,” claims the Korean manufacturer.

The specs of the L3 are as follows-

3.2 inch IPS display, a single-core 1 GHz processor, a 1,540 mAH battery, a 3MP rear camera, 4GB of internal storage and Android Jelly Bean.

This one also has Smart Forwarding.

Amit Gujral, Head Marketing, LG Mobiles, said: “The smartphone market is growing at an incredible pace, and the global mobile subscribers is predicted to touch 3.9 billion in 2017. India is catching up fast to this smartphone race and, according to Gartner, mobile device sales in India are forecast to reach 251 million units in 2013, an increase of 13.5 percent over 2012 sales.”

The smartphone trend is on a continuous rise as industry reports suggest that Smartphone sales are expected to extend their strong growth trend in 2013 with some 918 million units worldwide, led by gains in big emerging markets China, Brazil and India. The research firm IDC said 2013 will be the first year smartphones will outsell the more basic feature phones in the mobile market, and will account for 50.1 percent of all mobile phones. Further India is expected to become the number three market for smartphones by 2017, and Brazil will be fourth, as they overtake mature markets like Japan and Britain.