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Videocon d2h to launch 4k Ultra HD service soon

Videocon d2h has beaten bigger rivals like Tata Sky and Dish TV to the 4K Ultra HD game.videocon-d2h-4k-ultra-hd

The DTH operator, which already provides around 22 full HD channels, said it expects to launch 4K Ultra HD services before anyone else in India.

“The 4K Ultra HD DTH services will be available commercially very soon. The live preview of the 4K technology by Videocon d2h is the first step towards ushering a new era of DTH industry in India,” it said.

“4K Ultra HD is the latest innovation in viewing technology. We have successfully previewed the service today and demonstrated our capabilities,” said Saurabh Dhoot of Videoncon D2h.

4K Ultra HD picture is about four times as big as a normal full HD picture, and about 26 times as big as the standard TV picture, or standard definition.

In other words, each frame of 4K HD is comprised of 8 mln pixels or dots, while for full HD, it is 2 mln and for SD, it is only 0.3 mln pixels.

Videocon uses the ST-2 satellite made by Mitsubishi Electric, and is the latest entrant in the dth market in India. However, despite being a late entrant, the company is the fastest growing in terms of number of subscribers added per month.

The company offers about 400 TV channels on its platforms, and is priced slightly cheaper than competitors like Tata Sky.

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