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Greenpeace seeks details of its “wrongdoings”

Greenpeace India has issued a statement expressing “shock and dismay” over
allegations that environmental agencies like itself are hurting India’s

“Greenpeace India has followed all laws of the land and is open to any
kind of scrutiny. But in the absence of any communication from the
government the NGO is forced to believe that the government attempting to
malign and discredit Greenpeace India in order to proceed smoothly with its
pro-corporate agenda,” it said.

Greenpeace India has been working in India for several years, and is
one of the foremost environmental NGOs in the country. Though much less prominent in India than in other countries where it operates, the
organization has been crucial in organising protests against several
industrial projects that have environmental impact.

It said it had not received any official communication from the Home
Ministry and said the government should immediately respond to its queries.

Media reports have indicated that the government is probing
Greenpeace’s source of funds.

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