Micromax to launch new KitKat Canvas phone priced Rs 15k this week

Micromax will launch a new mid-range Android KitKat 5-inch mobile phone in its Canvas series this week at a price of around Rs 15,000. The phone is likely to have a model number between A310 and A325.

The phone, which will be placed above the Canvas Turbo A250 and Canvas Nitro A310 but below the Canvas Knight A350 and Gold, will have specifications that will also be in the middle of these two, according to industry sources.

UPDATE: The company launched the Canvas 4 Plus, currently available at a price of 15,300.


The phone, likely to be launched tomorrow or day after, is likely to be the cheapest full HD Android KitKat phone from Micromax.

At present, that distinction belongs to the Canvas Knight A350, which is priced at Rs 18,300 on Flipkart.

Of course, the new phone will not be the cheapest 5-incher from Micromax under its Canvas range. The Micromax Canvas Knight Cameo A290, priced at Rs 11,300, enjoys that privilege.

Another newly launched phone, the Canvas Nitro A310, will also be placed below the new phone. The Nitro has a 720p display and an octa-core processor.

The new model will be very similar to the Cameo A290 and Nitro, and is also likely to have an octa-core processor. However, the Cameo has two drawbacks – it does not have a full HD display, and it has a 4.7-inch screen which is slightly smaller than the 5-inch display that most people have come to expect from their smartphone these days.

However, the Cameo, which has a 720p display, is perhaps the most value-for-money model from the Indian mobile phone brand, and enjoys high ratings from users.

The Canvas range is a specific group of smartphones under Micromax that occupy the company’s top half in terms of branding and pricing. It is speculated that the vendor for the Canvas range is different from the vendors for the rest of the phones sold by the company.

From Canvas 1, the range has quickly exploded in the last two years to number nearly a dozen phones at present. The costliest in the range is the Knight and the Gold, both of which cost around Rs 19,000.

In terms of Android KitKat range, there is a big gap of around Rs 7,500 in the portfolio that will be filled by the new model. Micromax is expected to promote the new model aggressively.