New HTC 10,000-rupee, 5-inch KitKat smartphone on the cards?

Taiwan’s HTC Corp is preparing to launch a new entry-level, 5-inch smartphone in the Indian market priced in the Rs 10,000 range.

The phone is expected to be released in the next three weeks, according to a source familiar with the development, and will be the company’s first KitKat phone in the 10,000 rupee range.

“It will be HTC’s attempt at playing all segments,” said the person.

210 - the existing entry level phone
210 – the existing entry level phone

HTC has traditionally only played in the Rs 20,000-plus category, but is rapidly changing its strategy.

It has already announced the HTC 816G, a five-inch quad-core model with an HD display, priced at just Rs 19,000. The phone has many high-end features from HTC, including dual front speakers.

At present, HTC’s entry-level offers comprise the 4-inch Desire 210 (around Rs 7,000) and the 4.5-inch Desire 310 (price Rs 10,000.) Both of these models come with Android Jelly Bean operating system, which makes them less attractive to would be buyers.

While HTC has refreshed the mid-range with launches such as the Desire 820, 816G and so on, the entry level is yet to get the refresh.

According to the source, the new phone will not carry the Desire branding, and could be a new brand called the HTC A Series. The model number will be less than or around 100, compared to the 210 and 310 that comprise the line-up now.

However, unlike the current branch of entry level smartphones, the new model would be bigger — at five inches.

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