HTC announces prices of Desire 820, HTC One M8 Eye and RE Camera

HTC has announced the prices of a slew of products launched in India, including the 64-bit HTC Desire 820 and 820q, the Desire Eye, the One M8 Eye and the RE Camera.

The most surprising of all would probably be the ‘limited’ number pricing for the RE Camera – at just Rs 9,999 on exclusive launch partner Snapdeal.

The price of the Desire 820 and 820q too surprised on the positive side, with the 820 priced at Rs 24,990 and the Desire 820q priced at Rs 22,500.

The HTC Desire Eye, whose price was not officially announced, is expected to be priced around Rs 36,000 when it starts shipping late next month.


Another surprise is the price of the Desire One M8 Eye — Rs 38,990, or about Rs 1,000 less than what the Desire One M8 is priced in India.

HTC said it was making sure that the products were being priced at such a level that they would not see much price erosion in later months.

India has traditionally seen brands like Sony and Samsung price new devices at a premium in the initial month or two, only to see prices fall sharply in the next few months.

HTC said the initial levels would continue to be maintained for a long time, and its strategy was based on what the market demanded rather than how much margin it would like to make.

The Desire 820 was widely expected to be priced in the Rs 20,000-25,000 range, but still the aggressive tag has come as a surprise considering that the 820 is perhaps the first handset to be launched with a Qualcomm Snadpdragon Octacore processor.

As far launch dates are concerned, the first to hit the store shelves (tomorrow) will be the HTC One M8 Eye, which will be exclusively available on

The HTC Desire 820 and 820q and the RE Camera will start shipping on Nov 5, while the Desire Eye, which will have a full HD display, will start shipping in “late November.” The Desire Eye too would be exclusive to Amazon.

All the above phones come with dual-standard 4G LTE.

HTC also unveiled the CDMA version of its Desire 516 phone, called the Desire 516C, and it would be available exclusively on at a price of Rs 12,990.