Intel teams up with Lava for India mobile entry with Xolo X900

Intel has joined hands with Lava International, an up-and-coming Indian mobile handset maker, for its smartphone entry into the world’s biggest phone market.

The two companies announced what has to be the most sophisticated looking smartphone from an Indian brand — the Xolo X900 — based on Intel’s Atom processor.

Lava is one of the four international phone partners joining up with Intel for launching the Atom phones, with Lenovo, Orange, and ZTE comprising the rest.

The Xolo X900 will be powered by a 1.6 GHz Atom Z2460 processor and will have most of the high-end features and technologies on it.

Going by the initial specifications and pictures, the X900 will compete with phones like the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone, besides Nokia’s Windows based Lumia phones.

The two companies, however, gave no details about the expected price of the Lava Xolo X900. It will run the Android operating system and be available in shops in India early by April-May.

The Z2460 processor is the mid range phone chip announced by Intel at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona today.

The Xolo X900 will have a 4.03-inch display and its cameras can capture 10 pictures in under a second with 8-megapixel quality. The smartphone also supports HDMI, NFC and HD video playback, Intel said.

Another lower end chip, the Atom Z2000, will start making its way into phones only in 2013. It will also support 3G HSPA+ with Dual-SIM 2G/3G.