» 2019-09-02

When cellular telephony started in India, Bharti and Reliance took two divergent approaches towards launching cellular services — Airtel decided to focus on providing the services, leaving third party players […]

» 2017-12-27

Telecom minister Manoj Sinha today said the government is committed to the “the fundamental principles and concept of net neutrality” and is studying the recommendations of the telecom regulator in […]

» 2017-11-28

India’s telecom regulator TRAI has issued its recommendations on Net Neutrality in India. The recommendations are largely along expected lines, and prevent telecom companies from slowing down the Internet to […]

» 2017-08-07

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started registrations for an open house discussion on its upcoming recommendations on net neutrality. The open house discussion will be held on Wednesday, […]

» 2017-05-01

Netflix, the world’s biggest provider of video-on-demand services, rebuffed attempts by telecom companies to control viewership of online video and said consumers must be allowed to consume any legal content […]

» 2017-05-01

Telecom companies are trying to divide Internet traffic into different ‘castes’ and treat each of them differently and want to extract money from people who create apps, websites and other […]

» 2017-04-19

If you thought the fight over net neutrality was over with the sending of 1 mln emails to the TRAI two years ago, think again. The telecom service providers, who […]

» 2016-12-20

India’s telecom regulator has suggested that every rural citizen should be given 100 MB or so per month on a free basis to help the spread of digital revolution in […]

» 2016-09-09

Reliance Jio has increased the number of TV channels on its JioTV app to 368, making it a potential competitor to DTH and cable TV platforms. JioTV, which started out […]

» 2016-08-17

Untill now, to make calls using apps, you had to subscribe to a data pack. However, Reliance Communications has now introduced a new plan in which it will offer data […]

» 2016-04-25

As expected, telecom companies have rightly sought to exploit a loophole left open by the regulator and the government when they issued the famous ‘net neutrality’ guidelines earlier in the […]

» 2016-02-10

The TRAI’s new net neutrality rules are likely to see the launch of a number of zero-rated networks by players whose dreams of zero-rated websites have been dashed by the […]

» 2016-02-08

As you read this, India is celebrating the victory of ‘net neutrality’ over evil plans by Facebook and telecom companies to convert the Internet into a walled garden where they […]

» 2016-02-08

The Internet and Mobile Association of India welcomed the Indian telecom regulator’s move to ban differential pricing of data based on the type and source of content. “This ruling vindicates […]

» 2016-01-28

Following Star TV and Sony, Zee TV has also come out strongly against any move to allow telecom operators to charge websites for content viewed by their consumers over the […]

» 2016-01-16

After Star TV, Sony Pictures Networks India — which runs several popular TV channels — has raised a red flag against any move to splinter the Internet into free and […]

» 2015-12-26

Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, said it will explore the option of putting advertising in its ‘free Internet’ platform – Free Basics. Participating in a discussion on Reddit, […]

» 2015-12-26

Facebook’s Vice President in charge of Internet.org, Chris Daniels will answer ‘any questions’ on the discussion website Reddit at 6 pm today. The move comes in the wake of an […]

» 2015-12-26

Facebook is claiming in an advertisement that 3.2 mln of its users have sent letters to the TRAI supporting its ‘free basics’ program in the context of the ongoing debate […]

» 2015-12-17

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, is prompting its users to send a submission to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to save its ‘Free Basics’ program, urging them to […]

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