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» 2015-04-23

Xiaomi Mi 4i, the latest offering from the Chinese brand, has brought it right back into the reckoning in India, even as Asus launched its Zenfone 2 series that offer […]

» 2015-04-16

Xiaomi Mi4’s price has seen a cut of Rs 2,000 in India, after the phone failed to set the sales charts of fire. The Mi4 had been priced at Rs […]

» 2015-04-14

So you thought Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei are going to run-away with the low-priced LTE market in India and Samsung would just stand aside and watch? It seems that may […]

» 2015-04-13

When Xiaomi Mi4 was launched in India three months ago, fans were extremely disappointed on two counts – lack of 4G and the high price of 19,990. Not surprisingly, the […]

» 2015-04-08

Yesterday was that many Indian smartphone vendors such as Micromax, Spice Mobility, Lava and Xolo would remember. It was yesterday that Lenovo proved that it’s low-priced 4G phone, the A6000, […]

» 2015-03-25

India’s biggest shopping site Flipkart is offering the Lenovo A6000, arguably India’s most sought after mobile phone, without any prebooking. The phone can be bought from Flipkart’s website without any […]

» 2015-02-21

Flipkart has started showing user reviews of Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone, and initial feedback indicate that the Mi4 will be far less of a success compared to its predecessor Mi3. The […]

» 2015-01-31

One of the interesting things about online purchases is the ease of exchanging information and opinion about a product from customers, and Flipkart is no exception. User reviews play a crucial part in […]

» 2015-01-28

Fans waiting eagerly for the launch of Xiaomi Mi4 were left totally disappointed after the Chinese brand launched a phone with no 4G and at a price that is about […]

» 2015-01-20

With Xiaomi confirming that the Mi4 will be launched in India on Jan 28, there is a lot of speculation about the price, with a leading daily claiming the price […]

» 2015-01-03

There is strong buzz in the market that Lenovo will launch the cheapest LTE phone in India next week at a price of Rs 6,000-6,500, eclipsing the Xiaomi RedMi 1S, […]

» 2014-12-01

ZTE launched its Grand S II smartphone, which has similar features to the Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4, and is also priced very cheap -at just Rs 14,000. ZTE Grand S2 […]

» 2014-11-24

At the end of a long wait, Xiaomi India, or Mi India as it prefers to be called, launched its first 4G device in the country – the Redmi Note, […]

» 2014-11-06

Something very surprising happened today: Lenovo announced that it would sell the Lenovo X2 for a price of just Rs 19,990. You might wonder what is so special about the […]

» 2014-11-01

Fans of the smash-hit Chinese smartphone brand in India are unlikely to get their hands on the phone in December even if an ongoing dispute with Ericsson is resolved, according […]

» 2014-10-16

Indians first got a taste of what low-cost marketing and production can achieve with the recent launches of Xiaomi Mi 3 and RedMi 1S. But now, one of the original […]

» 2014-10-06

It took nearly 2-2.3 lakh phones to be sold, but finally the Xiaomi Redmi 1S is available on Flipkart to anyone who wants to buy it. The phone had been […]

» 2014-10-04

Taking feedback from customers, Xiaomi and Flipkart have decided to junk the ‘tatkal ticket’ method of selling its flagship Mi3 phone, and opted to add the device to the shopping […]

» 2014-10-01

Taking a break from the routine of getting “customers to fight like dogs”, as a irate fan termed it, Flipkart has announced that it would add an Xiaomi Mi3 to […]

» 2014-09-10

Impressed by Xiaomi’s Mi3 smartphone? In a development that could create even bigger waves than the Chinese company’s entry into the smartphone market, Xioami, along with Flipkart, is likely to […]

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