Lumia 540 India launch coming, price seen around Rs 11k

Microsoft Lumia 540, the upgraded version of the company’s mid-range phone Lumia 535, is all set to hit the Indian market in the next few days, according to distributor sources, though pricing details are unavailable. It will be the first 500 series Lumia phone to come with an HD display, making it virtually identical to […]

Xiaomi Mi 4i and Asus Zenfone 2 — cheapest full-HD LTE phones in India launched

Xiaomi Mi 4i, the latest offering from the Chinese brand, has brought it right back into the reckoning in India, even as Asus launched its Zenfone 2 series that offer an equally compelling choice for those in search of a powerful, mid-range phone. The Mi4i, though not as revolutionary a device as the Mi3 was, […]

Samsung Galaxy J7 4G to take on Lenovo A7000 in India, price Rs 14,000

So you thought Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei are going to run-away with the low-priced LTE market in India and Samsung would just stand aside and watch? It seems that may be a wrong assessment as the Samsung Galaxy J7, arguably the most value-for-money offering from the Korean giant in recent years, will set the record […]

Can Indian brands like Micromax, Lava etc survive the Chinese onslaught?

Yesterday was that many Indian smartphone vendors such as Micromax, Spice Mobility, Lava and Xolo would remember. It was yesterday that Lenovo proved that it’s low-priced 4G phone, the A6000, was no flash in the pan like Xiaomi Mi3, but that it intended to follow through and put up the capable A7000 as proof of […]

Lenovo A6000 available on demand from Flipkart, better than Redmi 2?

India’s biggest shopping site Flipkart is offering the Lenovo A6000, arguably India’s most sought after mobile phone, without any prebooking. The phone can be bought from Flipkart’s website without any booking or registration today, while the Redmi 2 requires preregistration and quick fingers. Lenovo A6000 is India’s cheapest LTE 4G phone and is based on […]

Xiaomi Mi4 lists on Flipkart: But where are the reviews?

One of the interesting things about online purchases is the ease of exchanging information and opinion about a product from customers, and Flipkart is no exception. User reviews play a crucial part in deciding whether or not someone buys a product or not. However, there is no facility for commenting on the phone on Flipkart’s product page for Mi4, despite […]

UPDATE: Lenovo launches cheapest LTE phone in India A6000, price Rs 6,999

There is strong buzz in the market that Lenovo will launch the cheapest LTE phone in India next week at a price of Rs 6,000-6,500, eclipsing the Xiaomi RedMi 1S, Nokia Lumia 638 and Huawei Holly Honor in value for money. UPDATE: The Company has officially launched the A6000, priced at Rs 6,999, and to […]

Huawei answers Xiaomi challenge with Honor Holly, Honor 6, T1, X1

Indians first got a taste of what low-cost marketing and production can achieve with the recent launches of Xiaomi Mi 3 and RedMi 1S. But now, one of the original price warriors of India’s handset market and a fellow Chinese brand – Huawei, has taken on the challenge posed by Xiaomi. The company has unveiled […]